Samstag, 3. Dezember 2016

Alfred 23 Harth’s BERLIN ENSEMBLES, KSE #363

with Kazuhisa Uchihashi, Clayton Thomas, Fabrizio Spera, Elliott Sharp, A23H
recorded live at Aufsturz, Berlin 2015

Freitag, 22. Mai 2015

Stellenbosch (KSE #298)


the duo of ALFRED 23 HARTH & CARL STONE, “STELLENBOSCH” (KSE #298), live in South Africa 9/2014

link to Kendra Steiner Editions (KSE)

Mittwoch, 23. Juli 2014

China Collection (KSE #275)

July 2014

Including sound sources from:
Cheng Xu, Jun-Y Ciao, MaiMai, Yi Tao, A23H (Shanghai Quintet),
Alok, Dickson Dee, Sherman Ho, Sin:Ned (Hong Kong),
Duo Goebbels/Harth LP Frankfurt/Peking + Otomo Yoshihide’s / Ground Zero’s Revolutionary Pekinese Opera Ver.1.28 (Peking Opera Remix III), Albrecht Kunze

Link to Kendra Steiner Editions (KSE)

The ambitious and audacious CHINA COLLECTION is proof that A23H has no peers in the international underground. This 70+ minute assemblage is truly epic in scope and dense in texture, while still having room to breathe—-in the tradition of Pynchon’s Gravity’s Rainbow or Melville’s Mardi or Moby Dick, it’s got EVERYTHING in it, and something else comes into focus with each listening. It’s also full of references and allusions and mirrorings that keep the mind swimming…
From recontextualized slice-and-dice opera to riveting improvisational sequences to  electronics to string passages to disembodied voices to turntabling to lyrical reed passages to every imaginable permutation of a seemingly limitless collection of sound sources, the CHINA COLLECTION is a massive release, and every copy comes with a liner-note insert where Mr. Harth discusses the overall project and each track in detail. It’s not just a comprehensive “sampler” of Harth’s China-related activity the last few years; it’s also a sound-sculpture created FROM those pieces of activity. Although this is Harth’s 6th release for KSE, it is totally different from each of the others, and as someone who has been listening to experimental music since my teenage years, I can say that I’ve NEVER heard anything remotely like this. You could isolate any two minute chunk of this album and spend a day getting into its construction and its juxtapositions and the world it creates.

Bill Shute

Sonntag, 2. März 2014


June 2013

THE EXPATS is a special and unique album. Not only does it bring together four incredible talents in the free-music world, not only were they totally ON the night of this performance, but each brings to the performance the unseen yet felt 98% of the iceberg that kicks the performance into the transcendent sphere: ALFRED 23 HARTH, a man who has blazed his own trail since the late 1960′s, who has absorbed many musical traditions worldwide while totally re-inventing himself with each release (so many of his contemporaries have mastered a certain routine and simply repeat the same shtick with different players and in different contexts), for me the most interesting and most essential player in the international free-improv, post-free-jazz world; CARL STONE, pioneer in electronic composition and sampling, and one of the few out there who is a great composer AND a great improviser, and one whose “improvisations” use as their raw material the spontaneous creations of his fellow players; SAMM BENNETT, not just a heavy-hitter in the free-improv field, but an instrument maker and someone who has totally redefined the concept of the “song”; and KAZUHISA UCHIHASHI, totally original guitarist and daxophonist, a man with a great sensitivity in his playing who always pulls in the listeners.

Bill Shute

Link to Kendra Steiner Editions (KSE)